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Pragmatic OpenShift

Published on 22 Nov 2020 2 min min read
Pragmatic OpenShift

It's been a long time coming with many hours and burning the midnight oil, and I've finally nailed down the detail of deploying OpenShift 4 using commodity hardware at home. It's such a big deal to me I've added a new page in the navigation on this site dedicated to OpenShift. With the deployment on bare metal over the line, the flood gates are open for further refinement and know-how with all things OpenShift.

I get frustrated with the lack of working examples in the official documentation. Like all my content, it's for my use and sanity first, if others find it useful, it's a bonus. Personally, with all things in my trade all I need and indeed want is a simple, working "starter-for-ten.". Having an example, and few pointers gets you off the ground to be able to adapt and figure out configurations in different environments.

I guess the issue with OpenShift is that by nature it's mammoth and has so many permutations, supporting a vast array of target infrastructure. The documentation does cover pretty much everything, yet it's as if you cannot see the wood for the trees. The information is there but "how-to-use-it" seems absent.


Not to mention, it's a moving target. I'd previously focused on 4.5, and the posts are still searchable on my site. However, 4.6 has since become generally available. I've redone and validated all the tasks using 4.6.4 and published the content using an Asciidoc generated HTML file, there was so much information the left-hand navigation works better.

I was told and stood by always being explicit with documentation, why make assumptions and leave out the detail? Maybe it's all too easy to gloss over the detail once you have mastered something? The pain and struggling are all too fresh for me not to capture and document my findings.

I hope others will find it of use, and I look forward to refining and adding content for various OpenShift tasks and scenarios!

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