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Exponential complexity

My thoughts on how the number of tools and technologies plus the number of deviations, no matter how small from agreed standards and best practices, lead to struggle and low morale.

Monolithic Pipelines?

Would a well-defined API approach work better throughout all aspects of your DevOps pipelines?

New look, content revalidated

A quick word on this new version of my website and why using Django is a significant maturity step.

Batteries included

A quick thought on using Kubernetes as a spring board towards OpenShift and appreciating all the batteries included.

Pragmatic OpenShift

An exciting milestone with my OpenShift understanding, maybe a time to celebrate? Check out some of my extensive OpenShift how-tos.

Cathedrals and Goal Obsession

Some interesting quotes from two great books I've read recently, providing some food for thought.

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