Richard Walker

Richard Walker

Infrastructure and Cloud Consultant
I'm a infrastructure and cloud consultant specialised in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ansible automation, OpenShift Container Platform, Python development and Cloud Platforms. All things DevOps.
Richard Walker

Latest Blog Posts

Exponential complexity

My thoughts on how the number of tools and technologies plus the number of deviations, no matter how small from agreed standards and best practices, lead to struggle and low morale.

Monolithic Pipelines?

Would a well-defined API approach work better throughout all aspects of your DevOps pipelines?

New look, content revalidated

A quick word on this new version of my website and why using Django is a significant maturity step.

What I do

I have more than 20 years' experience in Information Technology. Below is a quick overview of my core technical skill sets and technologies I use. Want to find out more about my experience? Check out my technical articles or get in touch.


Linux is the foundation of everything I do, and Linux System Administration is my and butter skill. Specialising in Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


Configuration Management, Provisioning, Application Deployment, Continuous Delivery, Security, Compliance and Orchestration.


Red Hat OpenShift is an enterprise Kubernetes platform for managing containers at scale and providing full-stack automated operations.

Python & Django

Python is a powerful and fast open-source programming language, Django is a high-level Python Web framework.


I work with all the major Cloud Platforms but predominantly Amazon Web Services with infrastructure as code software tooling.